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Package To Package Guarntee

In package to package guarantee we are offering a free one month package in case of unable to archive at least 50pips for the relevant month. (25% from the given pips target)

This is the one and only guarantees system that gives clients to make pips without losing any single sense for the relevant month.

Clients who didn’t get 50pips with in 30 days from the date which the package was purchased will be automatically eligible to the free service for the next 30 days.

After receiving the given pips target the free trade copier service will be no longer available (after completing given 30 days) and new package needed to be purchased for the next month.

During free 30 days no charges will be occurred and the total pips collection for the relevant free month will be free of charge (e.g. Sometimes our pips collection will be 200 – 300 during that free guarantee period but client will not be charged for the additional pips)

Same procedure will be applied for all months which are not completing the given pips target.

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