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How It Works ?

02.Refer the Broker list and chose one broker for invest your money. (You won’t be bothered about choosing FOREX brokers since we have selected trustworthy brokers by ourselves)

03.More you Deposit More you earn since we decide the trading lot according to your account balance. This account will be under your absolute control (withdrawal, Deposit, etc.)

04. Select and purchase one of our given packages according to your requirement.

01.Get registered with FXICOPY and become a ultimate profitable investor.

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05.Free trial package was included for just two weeks and you can get it free and earn money without any payment.

08. You will be received your account statistics every week including how much you earned and how many trades were placed during the relevant period.

07.Free VPS will be provided and you will be guided for login to VPS, installation of Trade copier and etc. (Our Support will be provide at any time for your easiness)

06.Download Trade copier and follow the instruction given (our support team will be there for any time to help you)

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Open your account

Please click on this for broker selection and open your account. You have right to select any broker as your wish.

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Purchase our package

Select one of our Trade copier packages and purchase through our 100% secured payment gateway. After purchasing your package, you will be guided to next step by our support team.

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Verify your account

After opening your Trading account your user ID and some relevant information need to be submitted. Then after our one of account manager will contact you for further clarification including copier installation and VPS access After verifying your account only you can become our privileged customer.

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